Vision - We prepare for even greater future. Sajo Oyang is with you.

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VISION - A memorable company to consumers from round the world -  Grounded in the ccumulated experiences across the five major oceans for nearly 40 years and persistence to supply a variety of fresh fishes in a hygienic manner, Sajo Oyang is determined to take the top in the food processing arena. Alongside our representative product, crab-flavored meat paste, and salted seafood, we will keep producing foods with secured hygiene such as frozen foods, livestock meat and noodles.

Management Principle

  • Customer Satisfaction  -It’s been nearly four decades since we put our first baby step under the spirit of “everyone is a customer as well as an owner.” We keep holding onto that declaration.
  • Management of Hope - We establish friendly corporate culture. Everyone at Sajo Oyang works for unified direction and won’t be bound by challenges. We will take initiatives in execution, maintaining a sense of vibrancy to the company where hopeful management stays alive for better tomorrow.
  • Social Contribution  - We are a company that is full of gratitude towards customers, returns favor to them, and not only survive but thrive with them. Customers are what made us stand tall even today. We will do our best to return this great favor through volunteer activities and sharing.