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Sajo Oyang regards your family’s happiness and health highly. Sajo Oyang promises the future of food industry with secured hygiene. - Founded in 1969, Sajo Oyang has been the name of creation and evolution for the past four decades. Sajo Oyang boldly moved across the fertile fishing grounds around the world to play an integral role in development of Korea’s fishing industry. Since the 1980s, we focus our invigorating energy on advancing the food culture of Korea via processed fishery products. As of now, our 13 Oyang Fleets go around the five major oceans to remain committed to cultivation of the future of Korea’s fishing industry.
At this point, Sajo Oyang is ready to make another quantum leap forward. - Affiliated with Sajo Group whose annual sales revenues amount to 2 trillion won, Sajo Oyang is fully prepared for locking horns with the competitors in this fiercely competitive market through our est-practice management system and boundless source of competitiveness. As our number-one brand ‘Oyang Matsal’ (crab-flavored meat paste) and ‘Oyang Jeotgal’ (salted seafood) had been accredited with the HACCP, we continue to maintain the production environment clean and organized to retain the genuine flavor of the fresh ingredients that we use. We will constantly make concerted efforts to be remembered as a company that creates the true food culture in consideration of quality foods and consumers’ health and wellness. Sajo Oyang has been able to grow this large for the last 40 years because of your unflinching trust and support. We appreciate your supports and keep rebuilding Sajo Oyang based on your feedbacks. Thank you. CEO of Sajo OyangIl-Sik Kim